Eid-ul-Adha Udhiya by LIFT in Tanzania

We are happy to announce that we will continue the Eid-ul-Adha Qurbani/Udhiya program in Tanzania. The process is the similar as last year and the cost relatively unchanged. However this year we request that you order by part.  That is, for US $65 we will sacrifice 1 goat or 1 sheep or 1/7 cow.  We heard […]


Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp will be taking place from July 26 to 28 at Kalamazoo Islamic School. It will be for Middle School to High School aged students. We are looking for College students to serve as Youth Counselors during the Summer Camp. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER | CLICK HERE TO PAY FOR CHILDREN ATTENDING THE CAMP: […]


Omar Malik visiting KIC July 12

Brother Omar Malik is Ameer of the Qabeelah Ittihaad in Detroit, which is a student body of Al Maghrib institute.  He will be delivering the Friday Khutbah on July 12 at 1:20pm at the Kalamazoo Islamic Center. Then he will present a talk geared towards the whole Kalamazoo community in the evening at 7:00pm. This […]


Eid ul Fitr Time & Venue

Eid ul Fitr 1440 will be Wednesday June 5th, 2019 The Committee has concluded Tuesday June 4th will be the 30th of Ramadan. No credible reports were received throughout the US, Caribbean, and Chile. Where: Kalamazoo Islamic School 805 E Osterhout St, Portage MI 49002 Time: Takbeer 8:30AM Prayer 9:00AM Khateeb: Hafiz Nauman Akbar Added […]


Majed Mahmoud visiting KIC

Majed Mahmoud will be visiting us at the Kalamazoo Islamic Center this Friday, May 24th and performing the main Jumu’ah Khutbah inshaAllah. He is a well known Islamic Speaker, writer, and Youtuber. Here is his bio: Majed completed a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Windsor and a Master’s in Business Administration from […]

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