After completing Monthly Donation Form, email it to [email protected]

  1. KIC Fundraiser 2024

    To donate towards KIC Fundraising Activities for 2024.
    $10,505.50 donated of $300,000.00 goal
  2. KIS Rental

    To rent the main hall or gym section of the Kalamazoo Islamic School Building on 805 E. Osterhout.

    Please obtain board approval first by completing the following form before paying:


    $1,110.00 donated
  3. Zakat Al-Maal Fund (Obligatory Zakah)

    To donate towards your obligatory Zakat-ul-mal.

    $31,144.00 donated
  4. Membership Fees

    Kalamazoo Islamic Center has over $10,000 costs every month. It is with donations and membership fees that these monthly bills are paid. Please complete your membership form then pay your membership fees. There are multiple ways of paying your membership fees: You can complete a monthly pledge form to deduct an amount monthly from your bank or credit card, you can make a one-time payment with cash/check in the KIC donation box (please put in envelope and label your name and why you’re paying), or you can make a one time payment here.

    $16,336.00 donated
  5. KIC Donations

    To donate towards Masjid expenses.

    $51,949.00 donated