KIC/KIS Events Request Form


    1) Event requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance, to allow
    sufficient time for the events subcommittee to review.
    2) All WMU and/or school group lectures, coordinated by the Imam, are exempt from
    3) A $500 rental fee + $500 refundable deposit will be required upon agreement.
    4) Upon completion of the event, the requester shall be responsible for cleaning
    associated area(s) in which the event will take place (Musallah, gymnasium,
    kitchen), including carpets, furniture, and restrooms. Once cleaned to its’ original
    standard, the $500 deposit shall be returned.
    5) Requester will assume complete financial responsibility for damages incurred to
    premises during the event.
    6) No music or musical instruments are allowed during the function.
    7) No event shall exceed four hours in length, unless pre-approved by the events subcommittee.
    8) No filming of any event shall be allowed, unless pre-approved by the events

    I accept the Guidelines.

    *Sending can take 1-2 minutes, please do not use the back button or exit the page until sending is complete.