August 2021 Prayer Times

This is a revised version of the August 2021 prayer schedule to fix the Muharram […]

July 31, 2021

Local Udhia / Qurbani

Salgado Farm,  70720 Co Rd 665, Lawton, MI 49065  Phone 2694232165 ¬†They have 55 lamb. […]

July 19, 2021

About Us

Welcome to the Kalamazoo Islamic Center

Since 1975, KIC has been serving the Muslims in Kalamazoo and its surrounding areas. KIC is a non-profit organization dedicated and committed to its mission in supporting the Muslim community, helping Muslims to live an Islamic way of life, and providing services to nurture their well being.

In addition to its commitment in serving the Muslim community, KIC has been active in providing information and lectures about Islam to the non-Muslim community and the media so as to help build bridges in the community for better communication and understanding.

KIC encourages all the members of the community to actively participate in its various activities and to work for the cause of Allah (swt) seeking His reward in this life and in the hereafter.