Jummah Locations and New Times

Assalamo alikom everyone, Alhamdolillah KIC board meeting was held on the morning of Nov 5th. After meticulous review of the survey results, considering the great input we received from every community member who participated, and consulting with our seniors and leaders in the community we are pleased to announce that starting Friday, Nov 11th, we […]


New Board of Trustees – 2022 Election Winners

It is our pleasure to announce the winning candidates in the KIC Board Election based on the total number of votes each of these candidates received. These seven winning candidates, based on the total number of votes arranged in the order of most total votes to the least total votes, are placed in the top […]


Election Dates & Times – Oct 7-8

Kalamazoo Islamic School (805 E. Osterhout, Portage)Friday Oct 7: After Jummah to 3.30 pm Kalamazoo Islamic Center (1520 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo): Friday October 7: After Jummah to MaghribSaturday Oct 8: Dhuhr to 3.30 pm at KIC


Membership Registration 2022 – Deadline 10/2/22

You have to be a registered member to vote in the coming Board Elections. Please complete the Membership form online or drop the paper version in the donation box in Kalamazoo Islamic Center. Payment is not required to become a member but it is recommended. DEADLINE IS SUNDAY, 10/2/22. Kalamazoo Islamic Center has over $10,000 […]

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