Jummah Locations and New Times

Assalamo alikom everyone,

Alhamdolillah KIC board meeting was held on the morning of Nov 5th. After meticulous review of the survey results, considering the great input we received from every community member who participated, and consulting with our seniors and leaders in the community we are pleased to announce that starting Friday, Nov 11th, we will have 3 Jumaa prayers timed as follows:

KIC at 1:00 pm (Iqama at 1:30)

KIS at 2:00 pm (Iqama at 2:30)

KIC at 3:30 pm (Iqama at 4:00).

May Allah keep us all united, keep us loving and caring to one another and forgive our shortcomings. Ameen.

KIC board members

One thought on “Jummah Locations and New Times

  1. Mohammmad Shahidur Rahman says:

    Alhamdulillah. May Allah accept all efforts of our brothers who’s engaged with all activities in the mosque. I really appreciate the three Kumar prayers which will facilitate the Muslims to perform the Jummah. May Allah accept our all Ebadah. Ameen

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