First of Ramadan, Tuesday 4-13-21

Assalamualaikum. Dear KIC community, The moon was sighted by a group of 15+ individuals in San Diego, CA. The Chicago Hilal committee directly spoke with a representative from among them and has accepted their sighting. Therefore, the 1st of Ramadan, 1442 will be Tuesday, April 13th inshaAllah. Ramadan Mubarak!


Ramadan 1442 / 2021

Asalamualeikum, Ramadan mubarak to all.  As per our discussion at our last board meeting, this is the plan and arrangement for Ramadan 1442/2021: -Announcing Ramadan will be based on moon sighting, as per usual. – No community Iftar will be held at KIC. Preplanned “to go boxes” are okay to distribute at the parking lot […]


Friday (Jumu’ah) Prayer on July 31

Friday Prayer on Eid Day is optional if you attend the Eid prayer and khutbah, per Hafiz Nauman. Friday Prayer will be held at KIC (1520 W Michigan, Kalamazoo) on 7/31/20, for anyone that wants to attend. It will go back to KIS starting next week 8/7/20. Friday Prayer time will be 3:30pm on 7/31/20. […]


Eid ul Adha Prayer Registration

Date: July 31, 2020 Location: Kalamazoo Islamic School, 805 E. Osterhout Ave, Portage, MI 49002 The following rules will have to be followed if attending the Eid Prayer: No children 9 years old or younger are allowed. Can not enter KIS if you have been sick or in close proximity to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms […]

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