Fundraiser 2024 & Community Iftar

AsSalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,

Tonight inshaAllah we will have the community Iftar held at KIC followed by our annual fundraising night. It’s your contribution and generosity, after Allah’s will, that keeps our masjed and Islamic school functioning and gives our community especially youth the warmth of belonging and the pride of their Muslim identity. The prophet PBUH was the most generous person, and he was even more generous during Ramadan.
We hope to see all of you tonight.
For those who are not able to attend this blessed gathering inshaAllah, we will post here a link to virtual meeting and a link for donating online.

Teams Link

Click Here to Donate Online

May Allah accept our good deeds, free us from hell fire and relieve our Muslim ummah from difficulties all over the world.

Jazakom Allah Khair,
Masjid Board

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