Udhiyya / Qurbani Information

Assalamu Alaikum. Br Jibreel provided this following information for those wanting to perform Udhiya locally:

Option 1:
Salgado Farms
70720 County Road 665
Lawton, MI 49065
Phone: 269.423.2165
Prices – $200-$350 cash only. Sheep mostly females. 9mos – 1 yr old. Approx 75 heads + available

Option 2:
Brother Suleiman is 25 minutes from Kalamazoo, on the way to South Haven, on M43 – call him for exact address. He will be available from 9am onwards.
His prices are from $250 to $350.
Sheep 🐑 are all below $300
2 Goats 🐐 I think are $350
– please confirm with him at

May Allah swt accept our Udhiya and forgive our sins. Aameen.

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