Eid Al-Adha Prayers

Asalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters.

-Eid ul-adha (10th of Thul Hujjah) will be this Saturday July 9.

-Salat al Eid will be held at both KIC and KIS

  • KIC at 7 am
  • KIS at 9 am
  • please try to come at least 15 minutes earlier for takbeer and to start on time.
  • please wear masks for the safety of everyone.
  • kindly remember to come with wuduu to avoid crowds
  • snack boxes will be distributed outside after khutbah.
  • Inflatables and activities for kids will be held in the KIS parking lot after 9am prayer.

Each location will be followed by an in person short khutbah by Hafiz Nauman.

Jazakullah khair and Eid Mubarak!

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