Ramadan 1442 / 2021


Ramadan mubarak to all. 

As per our discussion at our last board meeting, this is the plan and arrangement for Ramadan 1442/2021:

-Announcing Ramadan will be based on moon sighting, as per usual.

– No community Iftar will be held at KIC. Preplanned “to go boxes” are okay to distribute at the parking lot if someone is interested.

-Taraweeh prayers will be held right after Isha at KIC and led by Hafiz Nauman.

-social distancing, personal rug and masks are required. In order to accommodate social distancing, women will be praying at the social area, and men will be using the mens and women prayer area. Carpet are already premarket properly.

– The door of the women’s prayer area will be closed to preserve the privacy for the women.

– Children under 10 will not be allowed to come for taraweeh.

– Please try to come with your wuduu to decrease crowds.

– Vaccinated community members are welcome to taraweeh.

– The plan is to accommodate everyone, however, if proper safety measures are not able to be maintained, we may need to limit numbers.

– It is first come first serve, once the space is full KIC doors will be closed.

– people who are interested in doing Itikaf will need to provide a proof of vaccination, and will have one person per room. Accommodatation will be limited to few people only.

This will be posted on on the website.

As things are still changing daily, KIC board will meet again the weekend before Ramadan and update you with any needed changes.

May Allah accept all your fasting and good deeds.

– KIC Board

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