Udhiya / Qurbani Information

Tuesday August 21, 2018 at

Ibrahim Qahtan Farm
Goat and Lamb available (limited quantity)
Price between $250-$300
Contact Ibrahim at 574-383-8311

Jeff Beckham Farm
6508 W R Ave, Schoolcraft, MI
Farm opens at 9:00am
Lamb only (quantity 35 to 50)
Price between $220 and $260 Cash only (depending on market value of the day)
For 2nd and 3rd Day of Eid, call Jeff Beckham Farm at 269-501-1520 and make an appointment.

Some Brothers will be helping in butchering at the farm for a cost of $30 per Lamb.

International Gourmet Pantry (IGP) will clean, cut, and pack meat for an extra charge. Please call IGP at 269-383-4909 for details.

*Note: Due to construction in the KIC wudu/kitchen area, there is no freezer available at KIC to store any meat. Please make arrangements to store your Udhiya/Qurbani meat elsewhere. JazakAllah Khair.

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