Reconnect Conference on Oct 6

The Kalamazoo Muslim community gets a special discount for this year’s Reconnect Conference in Dearborn. The bus ride typically costs $40 to go to Dearbon and back to Kalamazoo and the Conference ticket price is $30 per person for early birds which would be a total cost of $70; but if you reserve NOW with the promo code then the bus ride plus the ticket is $40. If you don’t need the bus ride then the discounted ticket price with the promo code is only $10. Reserve your tickets NOW at Use promo code kalamazoo.

Join us on October 6th in Dearborn Art & Performance Community Center for the 2019 Reconnect Conference established to link & strengthen the essential connections & relationships in our lives.

This year’s conference is aimed to inspire us to live in the LIGHT of FAITH. How do we use our time in this life to maximize our light for the hereafter.

Confirmed Guests include:
🔸Mufti Kamani
🔸Dr. Altaf Husain
🔸Sheikh Mohamed Almasmari
🔸Ustadha Ieasha Prime
🔸Ustadh Majed Mahmoud
🔸Dr. Suzy Ismail
🔸Dr. Mohamed Abu Taleb
🔸Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed
🔸Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez
🔸Activist Isra Chaker
🔸Sh. Yasir Fahmy
🔸Comedian Preacher Moss
🔸Artist Siedd
🔸Artist Mesut Kurtis

How to apply the kalamazoo promo code on the Reconnect Conference website:

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