Eid-ul-Adha Udhiya by LIFT in Tanzania

We are happy to announce that we will continue the Eid-ul-Adha Qurbani/Udhiya program in Tanzania. The process is the similar as last year and the cost relatively unchanged. However this year we request that you order by part.  That is, for US $65 we will sacrifice 1 goat or 1 sheep or 1/7 cow.  We heard from you last year; and we thank you for granting us this needed flexibility.

We request that orders be made by July 17, 2019. Contributions can be securely made on LaunchGood by clicking here or any payment method you used last year.

You may review previous Eid programs by clicking here

JazakAllahuKhahirun to those who entrust LIFT to distribute their qurbani to Muslims in Lindi Region, Tanzania.

Alexandria (Nur) Osborne, PhD, PMP
LIFT Founder

Note: In Kalamazoo, please contact Tariq Jamil by Tel / Text 269-548-6921 or
Email [email protected]

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