Eid AL-Adha 2021 Prayer Announcement

Asalamualeikum dear brothers and sisters.

-Eid ul-adha (10th of Thul Hujjah) will be on Tuesday July 20th

-Salat al Eid will be held at both KIC and KIS

KIC at 7:00 am
KIS at 9:00 am

Each location will be followed by an in person short khutba by Hafiz Nauman

-please try to come with your family earlier for takbeer and to start on time.
-wearing masks, social distancing, and bringing own prayer rug is STILL required for the safety of everyone.
-kindly remember to come with wuduu to avoid crowds.
-snack boxes will be distributed outside after khutbah.

Jazakullah kheir and Eid Mubarak
كل عام وأنتم بخير
KIC Board

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