Local Udhia / Qurbani

Salgado Farm,  70720 Co Rd 665, Lawton, MI 49065  Phone 2694232165  They have 55 lamb. The prices range between $170 and $200 depending on the size. They only take cash.


Hajj, Arafah, Eid, and Sacrifice

AssalamuAlaikum everyone: ❇️ Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah, Sunday (July 11) we witnessed the First of ZilHijjah 🕋 ❇️ These are the best days of the entire year – where Allah SWT loves to be worshipped. ❇️ Among these days, the prime day of the entire year is the 9th – Day of Arafah, […]


Eid Al Fitr 2021 Announcement

Asalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters. Based on the last board meeting, the board has decided the following: -EID InshaAllah will be either Wednesday May 12 or Thursday May 13. -Eid prayer will be offered in 3 time slots in an effort to reduce crowds.-Times will start promptly First time slot:7:00 am at KIC (1520 W. […]


Application for Zakah 2021

If you would like a printable version of the Zakah Application (requires in-person submission inside KIC donation box) then please CLICK HERE to download and print the form. If you would like to complete and submit the form online then please proceed below – This method is recommended for the fastest submission. This form is […]


Iftar Box Program 2021

Salam all,Ramadan Mubarak everyone! This Ramadan we will continue our Iftar box program by the will of Allah. We will only be distributing boxes through KIC and not doing any deliveries since public transportation is up and running. The form below is for reserving the Iftar boxes, for volunteering, or for sponsoring. Please fill and […]


Ramadan 1442 / 2021

Asalamualeikum, Ramadan mubarak to all.  As per our discussion at our last board meeting, this is the plan and arrangement for Ramadan 1442/2021: -Announcing Ramadan will be based on moon sighting, as per usual. – No community Iftar will be held at KIC. Preplanned “to go boxes” are okay to distribute at the parking lot […]


Masjid & KIS Re-opening 12/11

Asalamualeikum dear brothers and sisters.Inshallah all are doing well. On Friday December 11, the 12 days precautionary closure of the KIC and KIS will be completed. -Friday prayers at KIS (school building) and daily prayers at KIC (downtown building) will resume inshalla starting this Friday December 11. -our usual safety protocol of wearing masks, social […]


Masjid & KIS Closure

Asalamualeikum dear brothers and sisters, Inshallah all are well. Effective immediately,Due to the drastic increase in covid-19 cases in our county and fear of this virus spreading through our community, we are temporarily closing all activities at KIC and KIS including Juma’a prayer at both locations. We will reassess the situation next week and keep […]


Jumu’ah Prayer Precautions

Asalamualeikum dear brothers and sisters. Inshallah all are well. As we all know, cases of Covid-19 are spreading faster than expected. We are asking everyone to commit to the following requirements to maintain our Friday service: – mask must be worn properly (covering nose and mouth) at all times -personal prayer rugs must be used […]

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