A – General:
1. The Board of Trustees shall meet at least once every quarter.
2. At these meetings, each member shall provide (and make available on demand and/or posting) a written report on matters related to their assigned responsibilities and give status of action items.
3. All seven Board members shall present an annual report to the General Body at its Annual Meeting summarizing as follows:
Chairman (Ameer) – Media Affairs, External Affairs, Spokesperson, Property
Acquisition, Strategic Planning
Vice-Chairman – School affairs, Sisters issues, membership records, elections.
General Secretary – Meeting minutes, Infrastructure, Security, Legal/Documentation
Community Affairs – Cemetery and Burial Planning, Rental Affairs, Marital issues
Financial Secretary – Budgeting, Accounts, Fund-raising, IRS reporting, quarterly reports
Executive Director – Appointing and managing Executive Committee, Conflict resolution
Program / Khutbah Affairs – Appointing Khateebs, Programs, Moonsighting committee

B- Chairperson/Ameer
The Chairperson/Ameer shall:
1. Develop strategic plans for the KIC.
2. Develop and monitor long range plans for property acquisition for the KIC
3. Formulate and implement operating procedures and rules for various activities at KIC and its premises, including KIS, fund raising and assets management issues.
4. Preside over Board and General Body meetings
5. Act as spokesperson for the KIC on media and external affairs, either directly or by designating another Member from the Board
6. Call emergency meetings, if/when needed
7. Ensure financial stability of KIC and its real estate and other assets.
8. Approve financial plans and annual KIC budgets.
9. Approve all fund-raising activities of KIC.
10. Assign tasks to other Board members for preparing agenda and minutes of meetings.
11. Shall uphold and execute these By-laws in intent, spirit, and content in all dealings on behalf of KIC and see to it that other Board members do the same.


C- Vice-Chairperson
The Vice-Chairperson shall:
1. Assist the Chairperson/Ameer and secretary and carry out their functions in their absence.
2. Be responsible for maintaining and updating membership records.
3. Provide a complete list of voting members to the nomination/election committee and oversee elections and voting procedures.
4. Address and facilitate issues relating to the operation of the Kalamazoo Islamic School (KIS)
5. Address and facilitate issues relating to sisters affairs
6. Be responsible for any publications of the KIC


D-General Secretary:
The duties of the General Secretary shall be:
a. To prepare and post the minutes of all the meetings of the Board and the General Body.
b. To prepare and circulate the agenda for all the meetings of the Board and the General Body to their respective members.
c. To ensure proper record of all official minutes and to preserve and maintain in paper and electronic form wherever possible all KIC documents relating to KIC correspondence, transactions and proceedings in the KIC office.
d. To take over the duties of the Vice Chairperson in his absence.
e. To coordinate with the Chairperson/Ameer in media monitoring
f. To address and coordinate with the Chairperson/Ameer major issues relating to KIC infrastructure, maintenance and capital improvement.
g. To approve material for posting on KIC bulletin boards
h. To ensure annual and timely renewal of state and federal registration non-profit filings as required.


E- Finance Secretary:
The duties of the finance secretary shall be:
a. To maintain and oversee all account records of KIC
b. To reconcile KIC monthly bank statements for all accounts
c. To ascertain that all funds/donations received by KIC are deposited and logged into appropriate KIC accounts
d. To assist the Executive Committee in securing and safeguarding donation boxes at the KIC
e. To prepare in consultation with the Board and present to the General Body the Annual Budget and Financial Report.
f. To issue payments for Board-designated expenses.
g. To ensure cosigning by KIC Chairperson/Ameer of all payments exceeding $500 from any KIC account.
h. To monitor and record all fund-raising activities and payments for the KIC.
i. To prepare documents and donor receipts as needed to satisfy IRS requirements.
j. To prepare and present to the Board quarterly reports of all KIC accounts.
k. To ensure collection of rents from rental properties of KIC.


F-Community Affairs Secretary:
The duties of the Community Affairs Secretary shall be:
1. To manage the rental and legal agreements for all KIC properties.
2. To manage all cemetery and burial needs of the KIC community.
3. To reconcile marital issues, if and when needed or asked.
4. To foster harmony and resolve conflicts, if any, within the KIC community.
5. To resolve issues related to Muslim students in the KIC community.


G- Secretary for Program/ Khutbah Affairs:
The duties of the Secretary for Program/Khutbah (Sermons) Affairs shall be:
1. To develop and monitor programs on Islamic education and knowledge.
2. To appoint Khateebs (speakers) in consultation with the rest of the Board and oversee implementation of guidelines related to Khutbah and its delivery.
3. To select and manage the moonsighting committee and related decisions, in consultation with the Board and in conformity with the KIC moonsighting policy.
4. To help and monitor the acquisition of core Islamic information tools (books, tapes, software etc.).
5. To maintain KIC websites.


H- Executive Director:
The duty of the Executive Director shall be:
1. To appoint and manage the Executive Committee
2. To inform the Executive Committee of programs and plans of the KIC Board
3. To inform and update the KIC Board of the activities and programs of the Executive Committee.
4. To develop reports on various Executive Committee functions, as/where needed.
5. To execute and implement duties, responsibilities assigned to various team members of the Executive Committee and their sub-organs, if any, specifically designed to meet the deadline, requirements of a certain project.