Nominees you can vote for

The official Kalamazoo Islamic Center (KIC) Board of Trustees Election is on September 20, 2019 from after Jumu’ah and after Maghrib at KIC. Please bring a valid ID to vote.

Here are the list of nominees you can vote for:

1. Alhassan Mumuni: A professor of marketing in Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business. He has lived in the Kalamazoo Community for many years. He has delivered khutbahs in KIC on many occasions in the past.
2. Ayub Khan: I am a Pakistani-American living in Kalamazoo for the last nine years. I am a Scientist by profession and work for a Biopharmaceutical company.
3. Djibril Cisse: I’m 43 years old. I came from Senegal in 1999. I live in Portage. My wife is from Senegal  and we have 3 kids. I co-own a small business specialized in non emergency medical transport. We started in 2017. We provide medical rides to Medicaid clients in the state of Michigan. 
4. Faisal Mehmood: Has lived in Kalamazoo for about 7 years, moved here from Canada. Electrical engineer at Stryker. Regularly volunteers at Islamic school and other events in the community.
5. Javed Warsi: BS & MS in Chemical Engineering. 20+ years experience in engineering, project management & sales account management in the Pharmaceutical industry. 20 years in Kalamazoo area. Married with 5 children. Has successfully led KIC as the Ameer for the past 6 years.
6. Karim Elghawy: A pediatrician and sports medicine physician. Was born and raised in Kuwait and went to medical school in Egypt. Came to Kalamazoo 4 years ago to do his residency training then fellowship training. Married and has 3 kids.
7. Mohammed Zafar: Active Member of the Kalamazoo Islamic Center (KIC) since 1992. Board Member of KIC (current) and also in the past. Currently is the Chair of the KIC Cemetery Committee/Project. Fills in as Jumuah Khateeb periodically, as needed. Is a member of the KIC Security Team. Professionally is a Physician (Neurologist) in private clinical practice in the Kalamazoo area since 1992.
8. Munzer Abdulhak: Ophthalmologist in the Kalamazoo area and long time resident. Has served the Kalamazoo Muslim community on many occasions, in many capacities.
9. Naseer Syed: N/A
10. Sajid Hussain:  57 years old originally from Pakistan. I am doctor for 30 years. I am in Michigan for 20 years but in Galesburg Kalamazoo county for 10 years. I am a Nero-Psychaitrist and Sleep Medicine Specialists. I am married for 30 years with my wife Farhana Sajid who is also a Homeopath Doctor. I have 3 daughters all grown up. Me and my wife try to participate at KIC quietly. I have a goal to unite the whole community and bring doctors to provide free clinics at KIC.
11. Sharjeel Karim: Has lived in Kalamazoo for almost 11 years. Currently serving in the Board for the last 3 years helping with Khateeb scheduling, KIC website, Speaker’s programs/dinners, working with WMU MSA, and other projects. Professionally employed as an IT Security Analyst for the State of Michigan. Married with 3 children.
12. Syed Adnan Hasan: I am a Pharmacist with Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences,​ working for Pfizer as a Project Manager. Been involved in KIC and KIS activities as a volunteer since last 20 years.​ Specifically, I have been leading Eid Prayer arrangements since last 7 years for Greater Kalamazoo community.​ I have been instrumental in purchase and establishment of KIS building. ​ Married with 2 children.​I believe I have good understanding of community needs.
13. Syed Faisal Alam: Vascular surgeon with 15 years in the medical field. Since 2012 managing private practice vascular surgery office. Working closely with several hospitals in the area. 7 years in Kalamazoo area. Married with 3 children. Principal of the Kalamazoo Islamic School since 2017.
14. Tajammal (Taj) Hayyat: One of the founding pioneers of the Kalamazoo Islamic Center since 1970. Graduated from WMU, worked for Meijer for 37 years in different positions, retired in 2007 and enjoying retirement. I love my KIC and have been on board for 10 years.
15. Tamer Elkafrawy: Received his master (2008) and PhD (2012), both in Physics from Western Michigan University (WMU) and pursued his postdoctoral research at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland. He is currently a faculty member at Michigan State University (MSU) and a Research Associate at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab).

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