Call for Teachers & Volunteers

Message from the new Sunday School Principal, Dr. Mohamed:

Assalamualaikum everyone,

As we approach the new school year of 2022/2023, we as the new sunday school board team are exerting intensive efforts to come up with some changes for a refreshed start of the School. This begins with a new school name: “Mind Builders Islamic Academy (MBIA)”. With the new name come new commitments, and we want to offer a learning environment that appeals to the students. We have a detailed plan chalked out, and we need hands!

Insha’a Allah we are planning on having a community event before the school begins to provide you with updates and introduce the new school board team and staff to you.

I would like to emphasize that integrity and collaboration between the school team and our community members are key to the school’s success, which won’t be validated without blessings from Allah SWT. In other words, the school won’t verify its mission and achieve its goals without the support of our community members. So please lend us your hands and minds so we may together make the best for our kids.

As we continue to work over the next couple of months, we would like to call for teachers (paid) and volunteers (unpaid) for the following tasks:

Call for teachers:
Those who are interested in teaching are welcome to apply now. This year, teachers will be compensated based on the current market value, and hence we offer a pay rate of $20 per class taught (40-60min). For example if the class is 40 min long (not decided yet), this leads to the a pay rate of $30 per hour. Teachers will be paid as independent contractors on 1099 basis and will be asked to sign a contract. Those who electively do not wish to be compensated will sign an opt-out form with the expectation of maintaining punctuality and commitnent to ensure proper maintenance of work flow. We are also planning on providing the prospective teachers with training sessions to improve the quality of education.

Call for volunteers:
We need assistance for school remodeling. Expertise is preferred but not a requirement. Assistance will be needed in things like wall cleaning, painting, baseboard installation, shelf sorting, etc.. which may require several days of work during July and August, primarily over weekends/late weekday afternoons as applicable. Details will follow based on the number of volunteers who will sign up. We estimate a need for 20-30 volunteers.

Please use the link below to sign up your name if you wish to teach or volunteer.

Deadline to sign up for the above is July 22nd, 2022.

If you have any inquiries/questions, please email the school board at [email protected]

Jazzakum Allah Khair

Mohamed Mohamed
School Principal
On behalf of the board team

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